It’s still winter here, but when spring finally breaks (it’s got to be above 50 degrees), I’m going to take that door and divide it in half using a piece of painters tape. I had to be very careful screwing it down because the screws easily popped through, even easier that drywall.

I am enjoying a cup of tea, the rain outside and your lovely post on your kitchen. Here’s the breakdown of our final budget, along with details about what we got. Starting with a gutted space, a new kitched will range from $10,000 to $15,000 excluding counters and cabinets.

The doors are solid wood and could be refinished or painted, but the style of the doors is something I don’t like. We always thought we were so lucky to have a gas line so close to the kitchen (we’re on a concrete slab, so to extend it from the water heater we’d have to go up through the walls and ceiling rather than under the floor).

We quickly realized there was no microwave, the only option at this point was to place one on the counter, and I was not ok with that. Now came the moment of truth… turning on the floor. Even then, he thought, it would still be best to hire a general remodel cost

I just went doing around the kitchen and found that my toes don’t go there. The drywall installers made quite a mess, and didn’t do much in the way of cleanup. It was like a time line thorough the interior decoration styles over the past 50 years. How cool that Stephen Drucker reads your blog every day!