They don’t see the subway tile trend going away anytime soon. Not the smallest foot-print when it comes to carbondioxide.. well. We’re just now getting over the sticker shock we experienced when we first realized that hiring a general contractor was going to put us considerably over our original budget.

Sooner or later I’ll install a hood over the stove to vent outside. My drill doesn’t have the torque to unscrew the cabinets, but my father-in-law suggested buying a drill bit that bores a large hole (like those used to make holes for door knobs, only smaller).

All of your millwork and wood trim and detailing is superb. He sang with Jools at the piano and both played with such passion, St James Infirmary Blues, loved it. Then he played Freedom 21 and Hip Eponymous Poor Boy, with The Peacocks. We knew this kitchen had to be completely redone from the moment we walked remodel cost

Remember, the kitchen is small and only has 3 base cabinets and one upper (w/ doors) so that kept costs down. This is also a very good post which I really enjoyed reading. As you can see from the detailed budget below, we exceeded our initial budget by a little over $20,000!kitchen remodel cost

Then our general re-did his bid (long story, maybe we’ll post it sometime, it illustrates the hazards of working with a general contractor), and the budget jumped to $80,000. The obvious first place to start was with the sink counter so we could get some running water back on the main floor.