Though Dong’en refused to confess, Zhenniang did not punish him. Billy comes to Harry’s house and reveals that he is his son resulting from a sperm donation. Recently, I saw from Hock Hua Tonic E-Store that they were having a promotion on some of their bird’s nest.home improvement cast

Chuck is a retired U.S. Marine and a veteran of the first Gulf War who runs a private security business and later takes charge of security for the Denver Outdoor Man. Tianpeng leaves for Malaysia with Hong Shi and Yazi. When Rose needs a place to stay, Harry reluctantly agrees to put her up, but soon finds that Rose has a video-game playing, junk-food eating bachelor side he never knew.home improvement cast

Ed started a bait and tackle shop many years ago and hired Mike, who helped turn the shop into the 20-store Outdoor Man chain.7 Ed is perhaps fifteen years older than Mike, but the two men bond over similar outdoor hobbies and shared conservative values.

Sarah Gilman as Cammy Harris (seasons 2-6), Eve’s soccer teammate and extremely chatty best friend. Zachary Gordon as Andrew (season 3), Eve’s nerdy classmate who worships her and desperately wants to be her boyfriend. I had always thought we needed about 2 to 3 hours to cook bird’s nest soup.

Guangping finds out about Guangda’s plan to start an opium farm and sends someone to burn the farm down. As soon as he finds out who his parents are, Harry brings Billy back to them. He leaves a note, telling Huiniang and Fangpi to get help from Zhenniang. Meanwhile, Anastasia plans for her own school’s formal dance, and her parents each try to capture the few parent-child milestones they have left.home improvement cast