With our floor tile in, it was time to focus on the daunting task of doing up the shower walls. I recently came across another source of advice on renovation costs at (). That site lists the cost of supplying and installing a deck at $20/sq ft. The entrances were carpeted, and they each had a large generic vanity with a sink and a nearby small closet enclosed with double doors.

Dutch’s side of the bathroom still has the closet area, and retained its original mirror and lighting, but the new floor tile, countertop, sink, and faucet really change the look. I REALLY love my DIY kitchen cart turned bathroom cart. One more thing about natural stone tiles on a bathroom floor…you may run into a situation where the tiles sit higher than the sewer flange …maybe as much as 3/8”…there are two methods to deal with this.

Bathroom Remodeling Prevents Injuries and Saves Money. Design pictures and bathroom remodeling pictures. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are bomb proof during installation…they can be man handled without fear of cracking or breaking. Then the best place for a jumping off point is Remodeling Magazine.bathroom remodel cost

I have been doing home remodeling for a long time, 10 yrs to be exact. We added 2x4s in between the existing studs (and probably went overboard) for the Hardibacker to attach to. Here you can see my niche structure with a few of the added 2x4s. Slate on the other hand is not very flat on the underside…which makes setting the tiles a little more fun”.bathroom remodel cost

My name is Karl Eberhardt aka The Bathroom Daddy. As you enter from the hallway through the brand new created doorway, the gorgeous travertine tile greets you. Other items that were updated were the lighting and mirror in the hallway entrance area. I rerouted the wiring for a guest-bedroom outlet to go around the new niche.bathroom remodel cost