On the same ship are two brothers, Zhang Tianpeng and Zhang Tianying. Harry gives Billy love advice, but can’t follow his own tips when he discovers he has feelings for Rose. They also came up with a stored value fare card that could be used on MRT trains. If we did not close the windows, you would get rain splashing into the bus.

After Shitou gets addicted to opium, Heilong instructs Ah She to release him. Tianpeng promises Shitou that he will not lay foot in the gambling den ever again. Harry becomes jealous of Billy and Jonathan’s new bond, while Rose tries to spice things up with Bruce.home improvement cast

In the past, we had to bring enough coins to take a bus. Charlie is infuriated when Dong’en lashes out at him for bullying smaller merchants and using ruthless methods to seal business deals. Then the correct bus fare will be deducted from the ez-link card. Hence, she bore hatred towards Zhenniang and her daughter, Huiniang.

Yazi sees the seriously injured Heilong by the lake. Harry shirks babysitting duty during Rose’s ‘sex date’ with her new boyfriend, while Billy and Zoey prepare to celebrate Gaia Day. To resist the arranged marriage, Huiniang decides to run away from home and asks Mingzhu for help.home improvement cast

Tianpeng subdues the assassin sent by Guangda and runs off injured. He pleads with the passengers from the first-class cabins for medicine buta wealthy Chinese, Zhang Guangda, drives him away. Dong’en has no interest in doing business, but Guangping hopes he can learn the ropes soon.home improvement cast