Creating beautiful things… repurposing vintage & found items-transforming them & combining them to create beautiful new pieces. Since we had room between the cabinet and the back door we decide to add a cabinet. I altered one of the cabinets, to allow the big ‘home run’ bundle to stay put. It’s always nice when you go through a remodel and it turns out better than you imagined. We bought this house last summer but didn’t begin the kitchen renovation until December.

On the adjacent side is a second wall of cabinets, notice the the old florescent light box and wallpaper, both were removed. November: Carter started very first season of flag football. Paul is the happiest accountant ever and I run my own embroidery designs website We have no debt (well, a few years left on the house) and we live frugally to avoid a few little luxuries like this kitchen.

Another reason why is preferred by many facility owners is that they are design excellent parking management software after conducting intensive collaboration of their reputable engineers. Before: The pantry did provide lots of storage, but our fabulous cabinet maker, Ben Blackwelder , threw out the amazing idea of removing the pantry and adding a cabinet style pantry.

You can tell you put a lot of thought into the design to make it work for you. I have fallen so far behind on my blog and haven’t visited anyone else’s recently but logged on tonight and just saw your kitchen remodel! Otherwise, we would have had to put in a couple of electrical panels in to make junctions.

I will do the plumbing for ice-maker, dishwasher, reverse-osmosis filter and rest of the sink stuff before the SuperBowl. Off to pin – this may be my favorite kitchen remodel ever!!! It did a good job getting under the layers but it was still a pain because the scraps kept getting jammed in where the blade screwed to the bottom of the handle.