Basically, cooking is an activity that can not be separated from women, especially women who already married.

When cooking of course we can not be separated from the tools for cooking itself like a pot or a frying pan. However, problems usually arise after cooking, where the pot or pan used for cooking becomes burned or crusty. When faced with problems like these many women who feel angry and upset.

Cleaning a burnt or crusty pan or pan can actually be done easily and simply. However, not many people know what to do, so that way they usually leave their favorite pot or pans in such a bad state.

We can clean the grilled and crusted pans or pans by utilizing natural ingredients. Well, on this occasion we will explain or describe to you all what kind of tips to clean pots and grilled pans. With these tips are expected to help your work. So what kind of tips or how to clean pot and grilled pans and crusty? To find out you can directly refer to the discussion below.

Tips: how to remove the crust on the cooking pot

  • 1. Hot water

When you find a pot or grilled pans, then to clean it you can immediately soak it with hot water. The charred crust attached to the pan or pan will become softer, so it is so easy to clean.

  • 2. Utilizing vinegar

Inside vinegar contains acetic acid, which can work well in cleaning or washing pots and grilled pans. How to use vinegar to clean pots and skillet burns easily, where the step you should do is prepare enough vinegar only. Then sprinkle the vinegar on a burnt and crusty pan. After that set aside some time. Only then can you directly rub it with a sponge and soap until it is completely cleaned?

  • 3. Using vegetable oil

The vegetable oil we usually use for cooking has other benefits. Where vegetable oil is believed to help clean pots and grilled pans and crusts. Vegetable oils can help to soften the crust or scorch on both devices. How to use vegetable oil to clean pots and pans is quite easy, you just apply the vegetable oil evenly on the pot or pan. Let stand a few moments, then after that, you can wash it as usual by using soap, sponge, and water until clean.

  • 4. Baking soda and water

As we know, baking soda is very powerful in cleaning the crust that attaches to cooking utensils. How to clean pots or pans with baking soda is, prepare baking soda and water to taste. Then mix the two ingredients, stirring until evenly distributed. After that, apply to a charred pan or skillet. Let stand a few hours to get maximum results. If you have, you can wash your pot as usual until clean.

Another way you can do is to sprinkle baking soda directly on the pot or pans that you will clean, then let stand a moment. After that, wash thoroughly.

That’s how to clean the grilled and crusty pans or pans. good luck