The causes of leaking roof tiles vary as much as being crushed by hard objects or because of their old age. A safe and comfortable home is everyone’s dream. But there is something happening in the house that can reduce our level of comfort. Especially if the rainy season has arrived. Leaking roofs can be a serious problem that must be faced every time rain comes. Sometimes, because the rain does not stop until nightfall, finally sleep while listening to the water dripping from the roof. Not comfortable right? Then how to overcome the problem of roof tiles that are leaking continuously? First of all, you need to know the cause of the leaking roof tile, after that the cause can be overcome. You can hire the roofing Oshkosh Wi to repair your roof with the best service.

There are several causes of leaking tiles and can be divided based on the type of tile.

The existing tile roof is not positioned correctly

Materials in building a house must certainly be considered, especially tile. Tiles that have sagged become the main cause of roof leaks when it rains. Causes of sagging tiles include strong angina that occurs continuously or the presence of a lot of rubbish that falls and slips between one tile and another tile. Another possible cause is the position when installing tiles that are not quite right. The slope of the roof is too steep and also the old tile holder which has weathered is also the cause.

The solution is to clean the tile, especially on the sidelines between the tiles. In addition, the tile also needs to be positioned back into place. For the problem of wood that has rotted, of course, must replace the wood with a new one.

Cracked tile or a broken tile

This can happen if the tile used is a tile that is of poor quality. This can also happen if the tile is hit hard. The age of the tile and has passed through various kinds of weather can also cause tile to become fragile and broken. Especially if you are in a location with extreme weather conditions, a little hot, a little cold. It must be very influential with the condition of the tile. The only way to overcome this is by replacing the tile with a new tile.

Apart from this, there are several other causes that you should be aware of:

  • Strong winds that can move the roof
  • The earthquake
  • The existence of casting road around the house
  • There is a renovation around the house which causes the roof to fall over

Those are some of the causes of leaking roof tiles and how to fix them. Always check the condition of the house, and provide a budget to care for the house so that no more severe damage occurs.