Creating beautiful things… repurposing vintage & found items-transforming them & combining them to create beautiful new pieces. The lighting was all custom made, and put together. I wanted contemporary pulls and knobs in polished nickel to go with the more traditional/transitional cabinetry. Top, showing the Incra track and the opening where I just line up the mark the end of stile to be remodel

After a lot of shopping, I finally decided on the countertop, but no backsplash. It was really Formica as I found out when the installers came and removed it. And there was another surprise. Getting ready to make doors with that beautiful curly Maple and decided to put some new knives on the planer for the occasion.

After: The piano is now upstairs and I am going to take my time finding the best look for the entry, right now, we are just enjoying the extra space. I didn’t care for how the standard depth stuck out into the entry so I found a used counter depth fridge which doesn’t block the entrance and designed the new cabinet plan around it, framing it for a more custom look.

Your taste and dedication to working with Best-in-Class people comes through in your result. I tapped a dozen little maple wedges in to separate the rock from the Liquid Nails on the cabinet top. WEIGHT GAIN: at 5.5 weeks weighed 10 pounds at lactation center. Then I’m going to work on half of it; sand, paint and put three coats of polyurethane over it. If I like the finished product, I’ll paint my cabinets and replace the remodel

Then my husband got the idea, and gave a few size/shape opinions. As I started to remove the layers of linoleum I found there to be at least three different eras. Tonight, I will try to get all the rest of the upper cabinet doors cut and morticed. I wanted mine to be the same from the counter up. It took me six months to find something I liked and could remodel