Zhenniang asks Dong’en about his earlier learning experience in businessat Xingzhou, but he is unable to give a fruitful answer. In the midst of the chaos, Tianpeng and Huangzhong arrive at the scene and Heilong’s plot stands exposed. Shitou turns into a fury upon hearing Ah Shes words.home improvement casthome improvement cast

For helping Tianpeng, Mingzhu was violated by Zhang turns out,Mingzhu was abducted by brigands and her father had actually hired Tianpeng to rescue her. Heilong promises Yazi that he will release Hong Shi, but claims Tianpeng has been handed to the police. Ed is also a recurring target for jokes about his age, most often from Mike.

Guangda does not have the courage to defy Xiuxiang. Although Zhang Guangda still eventually married her, the latter faced ridicules from Xiuxiang. Yazi believes Hong Shi is alive and will return to her one day. When Janet diagnoses Harry with Sympathetic Pregnancy, Rose finds that she’s competing for sympathy with her new, narcissistic belly-buddy, Harry.

Later on, SBS and Trans Island added the machines so that we could use the stored value fare card on the buses. Harry signs Billy up for Rhythmic Gymnastics, so that Harry can hook up with the hot new gymnastics teacher. He also declares that Shitou is innocent and that all of them need to bring Heilong to justice.home improvement cast

Mingzhu refuses to obey Guangda, and warns him not to hit her again. Meanwhile, Harry schedules an anonymous sex date with a woman he met in the bus. During Zhenniangs farewell meal, Dongsheng gatecrashes and with Guangdas help, manages to poison Zhenniangs beverage.