Guangping arranges for Huiniang to meet Charlie in Singapore. She began to reconcile with Boyd’s father, Ryan, in season three, and the two get married between seasons four and five. Heilong claims he had saved Yazi from being kidnapped. Meanwhile, Zoey reveals she never told her grandmother she was gay- or married to Michelle- just as old Baba pays a visit.

In the past, we had to bring enough coins to take a bus. Charlie is infuriated when Dong’en lashes out at him for bullying smaller merchants and using ruthless methods to seal business deals. Then the correct bus fare will be deducted from the ez-link card. Hence, she bore hatred towards Zhenniang and her daughter, Huiniang.

Mingzhu explains that she is merely helping the needy Tianpeng and that there is nothing going on between them. Guangda and Mingzhu arrive at Nanyang and are received by their nephew and niece, Dong’en and Huiniang. When Harry runs into a woman he’s desired for ages, he tells her that he’s married to Rose – it’s the only thing that turns this home-wrecker on. Meanwhile, Jonathan and Janet create a fake social media account to connect with their daughter.

Dong’en and Huiniang promise Yazi they will find out where Hong Shi is. Abby Ross as Anastasia, Harry’s 15-year-old biological daughter. Xiuxiang pretends to be regretful and Zhenniang helps her to plead with Guangda. Huiniang encourages Tianying to be a disciple of the medical practitioner and he agrees.home improvement cast

He takes Anastasia home after she found out that her boyfriend is gay. In Singapore, Huiniang learns Guangda has sold the company. This fare card system enabled passengers to enjoy some rebates when switching between MRT and buses or switching between a few buses during a journey.