We are one of the few remodeling firms that can boast a full custom cabinet shop on its premises and seasoned installers on staff. I am working on downsizing the stuff and your blog helps tremendously…thank you again! I saw that floor and couldn’t visit you fast enough.kitchen remodel cost

Faucet, soap dispenser, air gap, air switch (Rohl, country kitchens, tuscan bronze): $787. Then all that’s left is hooking up the sink and diswasher, finishing the trim, the lighting and the last of the electrical, the flooring, and probably a bunch of other things I haven’t thought of.

I wanted hardwood floors, granite countertops, a new sink, one of those faucets you touch and the water comes on or goes off, a backsplash to complement everything, stainless steel appliances, and finally replacing or refacing the cabinets and adding new doors.kitchen remodel cost

Hopefully we’ll learn some lessons that will stay with us even when we reclaim our remodeled kitchen. In┬át his post I shared where I had purchased my faucet and pendant lights. Not to mention working in a high rise is more expensive than working in a home. These two items (electrical and dry walling) accounted for over half of our general contractor’s charges!

NuCrete concrete countertop in Irvington Industrial Modern Kitchen project. We had that same one in our dining room when we moved in. It took us forever to find a replacement so I think we had to live with it for 2 years! This is where I added a pop of color to our all white kitchen!kitchen remodel cost