Tianpeng even agrees to look for new mines with Dong’en, Fangpi, Chun’an and Wanglai. Tianpeng finds out the croupiers cheat, and the miners to lose all their money and go into debt. Guangda refuses to give Tianpeng the medicine to save Tianying. Shitou advises Tianpeng not to interfere with this matter lest he offends the gambling den owners.home improvement cast

However, little did Mingzhu expect that Zhenniang would catch her red-handed. Matt Baram as Jonathan, Anastasia’s (non-biological) father and a lawyer. However, Mingzhu’s father has already accepted the betrothal gifts and there is no turning back. Guangda finds out that Mingzhu has been secretly giving aid to Tianpeng and angrily confronts her.

Meanwhile Jonathan discovers that Anastasia has revealed her sperm-donor roots to her entire school, and Harry inadvertently teaches Billy how to judge people on appearance. Tianpeng finds out that the gambling den has been cheating the gamblers off their money.

Seed tells the story of Harry’s relationship with his new-found relatives, and the interactions of these families with one another. On board the same ship, two brothers, Tianpeng and Tianying face trouble with the crewmen. Harry helps Billy’s moms, Zoey and Michelle, to encourage Billy to be cooler at school.

Kyle idolizes Mike, having grown up without a father figure. Intelligent and beautiful, the little Nonya was brought up by Huang Zhenniang (Carole Lin) who took great care of her even after marrying into the Zhang family. Jay Leno as Joe Leonard (seasons 5-6), a semi-retired auto technician from whom Vanessa buys a classic car for Mike.home improvement casthome improvement cast