Sadly I got this idea about a week ago, so too late for 5.1 – it is a bit risky in a sense that we may run into interesting issues with overly long function names (at Chromium there is one group of function with 17000 members that are all merged to one) and also the change to static function&alias is not 100{fa1682d9d15b3ca2ce5a864c8890b58dc1856bc71ddc80791669b2046dd0a732} straighforward to do (i.e. it will be first time GCC is doing this – most of time it goes the other way keeping the global name and introducing static alias when it needs), so I do not think this idea is going to make it to GCC 5.1.

I have not been producing all of the results that I value most; chief among them is the coaching that fulfills me. One of the reasons that I value Coaching so much is that it allows me to revisit the principles of success that have been taught to me. And frankly, I need to hear those message more than most of you need to hear them.

In the Diamond Industry, as a Manager and then Brand Manager for Ditta Myor, that strategy allowed us to bring a new division to market and achieve profitability in six months from start up. Moving over to the role of Eastern States VP for F-Matic of America I was allowed to firmly establish the value of bringing sales training to our Dealer Network in 16 states of the northeast.improvements

It found its use in places where performance matters (such as for Firefox, GCC itself, databases, and interpreters; Google is known to greatly depend on FDO internally by using a custom LIPO translation model and contributing many improvements to GCC FDO infrastructures over years).

This pass was contributed by Ilya Enkovich (Intel) and imply some rather interesting changes across the inter-procedural optimization framework (which gave me a bit of headache) adding support a function that have two different calling conventions with one entry point.improvements