Most Architects we talked to said that renovating an existing space runs about $100 a square foot, while new construction (e.g. an addition or adding another floor) runs about $200 a square foot for decent quality construction. Has been helping homeowners in the Chicago Area with turning their house into their remodel cost

There is so much ‘service’ here-it is like a complete design education on how to do and understand and undertake a remodel. But it wasn’t really the farmhouse look we were going for, and the ones we could settle on were way out of our price range. I also looked at old flooring, and cleaning it up. It had to much of a butcher block feel, and I didn’t really want to mimic small planks from my floor, on my remodel cost

Sooner or later I’ll install a hood over the stove to vent outside. My drill doesn’t have the torque to unscrew the cabinets, but my father-in-law suggested buying a drill bit that bores a large hole (like those used to make holes for door knobs, only smaller).

It wasn’t as deep as the base cabinets, so we had to make it look that way. Before we tore apart the kitchen, a typical Sunday for us involved menu planning, a trip to the grocery store, preparing several things that would could eat for dinner during the week ahead, and cleaning the kitchen remodel cost

It works great for me and this is where I saved money. Don’t forget that these costs are just for the construction. Here is one more before & after because I LOVE a good before and after! Looking at the brick siding, we decided to leave it this way. Once you get a vision in your head of the appliance or the type of countertop or the flooring (more about floors later) you want, it’s really difficult to compromise.