This blog is intended to provide a discussion forum on topics surrounding pregnancy, labor, birth, breastfeeding and family health. My dr said it was due to me leaving the hospital 12 hours earlier, but a NICU nurse told my husband, the merconium was in my daughter’s lungs for at least 4 days. This contraction for protective purposes, makes that once remedied the main lesion, that adjoining muscle is contracted.

I was on bedrest at home from 14-22 weeks and hospital bedrest from 23 weeks until my son was born at 33 weeks. Just as you are getting ready to take a break for a while, suddenly, you are required to start sprinting again. Hear from the perspective of mothers who have experienced it or perceptive (and non black and white-thinking) providers and support persons who have been with these women.contractions

When we get emotional, we can’t always stop words from tumbling out of our mouths. They provide a great hands-on experience that the students will remember. The lower segment is not pressed by the presenting part. I get to experience contractions but also get periods of rest where I can sleep, eat or walk.contractions

But the more they see it and the more they and other women are educated on the process, the less scary it will become. I time them, and they start as 30 second contractions every 5 minutes and start to get closer and closer together over several hours. The standard greeting for everyone is a simple HELLO.contractions

These pathogens caused the intestines and stomach to inflame. Sometimes it’s hard to have trust and confidence as a mama, and you doubt yourself because it is your first. The purpose is to review research studies, articles and highlight the buzz in health news.