The green and peach wall tile was original- and made of metal!- probably about 70+ years old when we replaced it. Amazingly, it was in perfect condition, but the colors were just not ever going to work for us… It is also our guest bathroom and an upgrade was in order.bathroom remodelbathroom remodel

Either is easy to install and takes only a few minutes to put in. Shower rods are meant to be purely functional, but with a little imagination, you can do a lot more than just use them to hold up shower curtains and keep the water in the shower area where it belongs.bathroom remodel

I was at work, but my wife was home and she showed the contractor the epoxy work that needed to be done and also asked him to quote the tiling of the shower wall, the pitching of the epoxy on the base, tiling the base and finishing the mud/tape/texture of the drywall on the exterior walls.

Case in point, when you enter a bashroom of some top of the line restaurant or a lodging, you find all at place the awesome bathroom units remodeled in way make you prefer stay in bathroom, there will be a few peculiarities or bestroom fittings Halifax you like and you can consider them for your lavatory.

Bathroom mirrors also help you to create optical illusions adding visual space and depth to a small bathroom, or saving space by using mirrored medicinal cabinet that are multi-functional and also offer additional storage space along with the reflective quality that helps you to groom yourself.