This blog is intended to provide a discussion forum on topics surrounding pregnancy, labor, birth, breastfeeding and family health. A caveat here: I was about to quote a delightful poem by Cecco Angiolieri, the supremely irreverent and outrageous Sienese poet (a contemporary of Dante), a poem which is liberally sprinkled with elisions in the transcription I was reading, until I had a chance to look at a manuscript facsimile and saw that all of the supposedly elided words were in fact written out.

RESULTS: The experience of precipitate labor was categorized in terms of physical experience (perception of labor length and contractions), psychological experience (relationship of how women perceived birth to their prenatal expectations, and emotional trajectory of disbelief, alarm panic, and relief), and external factors (support persons and hospital system).

Yet I think my preference for what I consider a more natural dialogue style is not so much because of the poetry or the songs, but because my gut tells me that our medieval predecessors were capable of being just as lazy, crude, casual, imaginative, and in-a-hurry as we are today.contractions

Une demi heure plus tard, une aide soignante est venue, c’est elle qui épaule cette sage femme (ça on vous le dira jamais, vous voyez bien qu’elle est pas seule la sage femme, contrairement à ce qu’on veut nous faire croire !) J’ai juste halluciné quand l’aide soignante m’a dit ça !!!

En 2010, sa pièce Cock reçoit un Olivier Award, puis en 2011, Love, love, love reçoit le prix de la meilleure pièce contemporaine aux Theatre Awards UK. Sa pièce radiophonique Not Talking a remporté les prix Tinniswood et Imizon du Writer’s Guild, et Artefacts a été primée au festival Old Vic New Voices.contractionscontractions