Creating beautiful things… repurposing vintage & found items-transforming them & combining them to create beautiful new pieces. Then my husband decided to get a bid to see how much it would cost to extend our wall out six feet. I hope it has magical powers to make my kitchen look as gorgeous as yours. His crew was awesome and they were super easy to work with. Well, we are at the end of the remodeling process for our remodel

The next step was to put down the backer board for the floor heating elements and tile. I knew I wanted the island to be painted red, and look more like a piece of furniture than an island. Love your green glass tile, dark floors, white cabinets, built-in look fridge!kitchen remodel

We himed and hawed about what tile to use and decided to go with 18in square. That’s only what she got together with the dark shoji-style cabinets and custom round butcher block table on casters. It was the pattern we liked most and decided it was a big enough room that the larger tiles would look good.

AFTER: 36” dual fuel range, nice square corner to left of sink makes that spot very usable for prep work now. Since we were having such fun with the router, we decided to keep on going. These were the doors that came on the additional pantry piece. Technically poplar is still a soft wood, but I like that the counter would show a bit of age with dings, it makes it look remodel

Yes, I would lose storage, but gain counter space and make the kitchen tons better. Love the transformation you made in your kitchen. August 27, 2012: Carter at 5.5 years old started the Spanish Dual Language class at Vineyard Ranch with Mrs. From here we added the the wood to the top, stained, and sealed the counters, and vent hood.