Creating beautiful things… repurposing vintage & found items-transforming them & combining them to create beautiful new pieces. She has always had nights down going 4-5 hour stretch since 2 weeks old, 5 hour stretches regularly at 3-4 was old and 6 hour stretches by 5-6 weeks. We did find a pantry cabinet that was the same style door, as the rest of the cabinets, at Lowe’s. The garbage truck has two metal arms that fold together on either side of the plastic bin, lifts it and dumps it. Luckily the trash guy saw me one day and stopped.

That was alright because at this point I needed to start getting the woodshop ready for cabinet construction. The next step was the removal of the back splash and counter tops. Every 3 hours at most during day, going 2 stretches of 4-5 hours at night. Once I started tearing into the walls and floor it became painfully obvious what the problems remodel

Light English sycamore and maple trimming that is dark play nicely in the custom cabinetry, making a natural although dramatic balance. I needed to make new filler pieces, but when I dropped the rock back down, you could never tell what happened! GREAT great age for Miss Addie B. she just started randomly talking constantly about a boy from her school in her neighboring class- remodelkitchen remodel

In this Chicago kitchen quantifying only 105 square feet, high contrast is meant by high style. I liked my stainless hood but love the cabinetry holding the hood insert way more. Next week I’ll pick up the 1/2 in drawer stock and start that little project. At 7 weeks, weighed 11 Lbs 8 oz. Tremendous growth in last 2 weeks.

Then my husband got the idea, and gave a few size/shape opinions. As I started to remove the layers of linoleum I found there to be at least three different eras. Tonight, I will try to get all the rest of the upper cabinet doors cut and morticed. I wanted mine to be the same from the counter up. It took me six months to find something I liked and could afford.