After which, Heilong kills Ah Song and confesses to Shitou that he likes Yazi, and suggests that if only Shitou dies, the helpless Yazi can rely on Heilong for her living. Huiniang has a nightmare about Dongen vomiting a pool of blood, telling her he is leaving.

Zhang Tianying is Zhang Tianpeng’s younger brother. Xiu Xiang plots to remove Mingzhu from the Zhang family, but is discovered and exposed by Huiniang. Janet goes behind Jonathan’s back in her strategy to get a good deal on a new car. Guangda starts abusing Mingzhu and Dongen and hurts them very badly.

Mingzhu explains that she is merely helping the needy Tianpeng and that there is nothing going on between them. Guangda and Mingzhu arrive at Nanyang and are received by their nephew and niece, Dong’en and Huiniang. When Harry runs into a woman he’s desired for ages, he tells her that he’s married to Rose – it’s the only thing that turns this home-wrecker on. Meanwhile, Jonathan and Janet create a fake social media account to connect with their daughter.home improvement cast

Guangping finds out about Guangda’s plan to start an opium farm and sends someone to burn the farm down. As soon as he finds out who his parents are, Harry brings Billy back to them. He leaves a note, telling Huiniang and Fangpi to get help from Zhenniang. Meanwhile, Anastasia plans for her own school’s formal dance, and her parents each try to capture the few parent-child milestones they have left.

Yazi refuses to believe Hong Shi masterminded the robbery. Nicknamed Little Stoneā€, Hong Shi is a cheerful and optimistic chap who works hard for a living. Neither Zhenniang nor Xiuxiang has not produced a child since marrying into the family. It was his decision to get out of acting and do what he wanted to do, including open and run a health food restaurant.