Heilong forces Dahe to accuse Tianpeng of killing Cuiying. Huiniang tells Mingzhu they will have to return home soon, as Old Mrs Zhang’s birthday is approaching. Hong Shi panics when he realises Yazi has gone missing. Harry is visited by Anastasia, who is also a result of his sperm donation.home improvement cast

Guangda tries to stop Guangping and as both were struggling, Guangping falls down the mountain valley. Tianpeng and Tianying received the boat tickets from the Bais as a reward for saving Mingzhu. After soaking the bird’s nest for 1 hour, I removed the soaking water and put about 1 small bowl of water to the bird’s nest and steamed for 45 minutes.home improvement cast

Mingzhu refuses to obey Guangda, and warns him not to hit her again. Meanwhile, Harry schedules an anonymous sex date with a woman he met in the bus. During Zhenniangs farewell meal, Dongsheng gatecrashes and with Guangdas help, manages to poison Zhenniangs beverage.home improvement cast

Mingzhu also instructs Ah Yin to send some money over to the hospital for Tianpeng. Guangda promises to help Heilong, but makes plans to get rid of him. Guangda beats Dong’en and Mingzhu up. When Tianpeng arrives, Dong’en urges him to take Mingzhu to the hospital.

Flying into a rage, Guangda complains to Old Mrs Zhang, but she gives Zhenniang her support. Billy gives Harry lice, and Harry capitalizes on Zoey and Michelle’s guilt. Zhang Tianpeng is an adventurer who does not crumble during difficult times. She tells Zhenniang, whom she hopes will clear Mingzhu’s name.