Also, for a quick and free roofing shingle cost estimate see my Asphalt Shingle Roofing Cost Estimator ” at It includes features that allow you to select shingle types and various roofing options, such as installing ice and water shield, drip flashing, and ridge and soffit vents.home remodeling

Severe Weather Stair Railing system can be designed and installed on any walk way, deck, porch or stair step. Installing a garage door bottom seal is easy to do and cost less than $20. So make sure to hire the right roofing contractor. You just need to do your homework to make sure you find the right ones that are professional, skilled and easy to work with to achieve your new kitchen.home remodeling

Natural light comes from windows, skylights, and any other opening that allows sun into the space. With a room addition, you typically can achieve more natural lighting for example. I often get asked what exactly is Ice and Water Shield. It won’t ever be top of the line, most fashionable but I have quality materials and I expect that they will be properly installed.

So stay warmer this winter by investing in your home and replacing your old and drafty windows. See my Bathroom Remodeling Bid Sheet at and order it today. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a vent post against the GC-his work is good, some things I had to ask him to redo-that always happens.

Cabinet refacing also allows you a lot of creative freedom. This includes the doors, drawer fronts, cabinet handles and the cabinet body fronts. Fences and gates are an important part to enhance the external appeal of your homes. Heavy-duty steel skin combined with a layer of environmentally safe polystyrene insulation provides comfort, energy efficiency and quiet operation, with a total garage door thickness of 2”.home remodeling