Creating beautiful things… repurposing vintage & found items-transforming them & combining them to create beautiful new pieces. It’s just personal preference people, if you love your microwave, good for you! We didn’t push it and then she started bringing drawings for the baby home from school and in second week started wanting to hold and touch her more. I did some negotiating with various contractors and got the price down.

I couldn’t afford to hire a contractor and have them gut my kitchen and start over. Trying to keep as many electronics off the counter as possible….We decided that the microwave needed it’s own home. For one thing, the footprint was not going to change. This is when the project got a whole lot bigger, longer and more expensive!

I love the structure and the details of this house. It began with demolition, we removed all the cabinets, the wallpaper, the florescent box ceiling light, and the flooring. The terrarium is homemade, and the bar stools were the neighbors trashed old bar stools, that got a remodelkitchen remodel

My first husband is going to hate that I found this kitchen makeover!!!! You have to know everything that is going in the kitchen, where it’s going and what the dimensions are. Kid’s know not to get out of room except for one bathroom trip and must stay in until clock says 7. On rare occasions one may come in if not feeling well to let us know.

It’s hard to see the cracked glass in a photo, but it really pops against some of the cabinet doors I’ve seen. SMILES: started at 3 weeks during Easter weekend when YaYa talked to her. Cabinet color is ‘White Dove’ by Benjamin Moore Paints. Countertops: Carrera Marble through MGS Countertops BJ is the owner and he is great to work remodel