Creating beautiful things… repurposing vintage & found items-transforming them & combining them to create beautiful new pieces. I painted the inside of the glass cabinets the same shade of gray as the lower cabinets to tie the upper and lower cabinets together. There were instances where it even got slushy once you opened it. We had potatoes freeze down there too. Gag.) The arched drop ceiling leading out into the garage was removed and a lovely chandelier added.

On the adjacent side is a second wall of cabinets, notice the the old florescent light box and wallpaper, both were removed. November: Carter started very first season of flag football. Paul is the happiest accountant ever and I run my own embroidery designs website We have no debt (well, a few years left on the house) and we live frugally to avoid a few little luxuries like this remodel

The lighting was all custom made, and put together. I wanted contemporary pulls and knobs in polished nickel to go with the more traditional/transitional cabinetry. Top, showing the Incra track and the opening where I just line up the mark the end of stile to be remodel

Cope and stick for all the drawers and doors with 1/4in ply panels and┬ácarcasses are all 5/8 or 3/4 A/B plywood. We are in the process of building a new home and haven’t yet reached the step of picking out cabinets,counter tops and tile yet. Don’t forget to turn off your electric pancake griddle unless you want a replica of the San Anrdreas fault line in your countertops.

I wanted hardwood floors, granite countertops, a new sink, one of those faucets you touch and the water comes on or goes off, a backsplash to complement everything, stainless steel appliances, and finally replacing or refacing the cabinets and adding new remodel