Creating beautiful things… repurposing vintage & found items-transforming them & combining them to create beautiful new pieces. You can tell you put a lot of thought into the design to make it work for you. I have fallen so far behind on my blog and haven’t visited anyone else’s recently but logged on tonight and just saw your kitchen remodel! Otherwise, we would have had to put in a couple of electrical panels in to make junctions.

Yes, I would lose storage, but gain counter space and make the kitchen tons better. Love the transformation you made in your kitchen. August 27, 2012: Carter at 5.5 years old started the Spanish Dual Language class at Vineyard Ranch with Mrs. From here we added the the wood to the top, stained, and sealed the counters, and vent hood.

The walls are sealed up and ready to start adding cabinets. In a 295-square-foot Brooklyn studio apartment designed by Nick Olsen, the kitchen corner, done in white and green to blend in, gets a serving with a painted plaid backsplash along with grosgrain ribbon trim of charm.

I give you all the steps to making these counters, and finishing them another time. After reading numerous DIY blogs and watching hundreds of YouTube videos, I was eager to start my kitchen remodeling. Let’s us face it, the stresses on a cabinet are not great, and after screwing cabinets to wall and each other it’s one big solid unit anyway.

Here is one more before & after because I LOVE a good before and after! We ripped out the small cabinet above the stove, and built a large vent hood around the insert. The white cabinets and light counter tops are so inviting. The floor-to-ceiling pantry will have to go in first, so the smaller upper cabinet can attach to it – ergo the base remodelkitchen remodelkitchen remodel