Creating beautiful things… repurposing vintage & found items-transforming them & combining them to create beautiful new pieces. It such a beautiful kitchen, you really thought of everything, just stunning! Last but not least is the soffit I put in. We needed light over the new counter so I decided to do some recessed cans. This includes full parking management system, issuance of professional parking solutions, allocation of guest parking space for tenant, processing of tickets online and many more.

Aug 10 – finished sanding the doors for first four cabinets. After installing the range, I saw I couldn’t get the drawers open! They want to make sure that they are always one step ahead over their competitors when it comes to parking management. Floors are done, appliances are in. I have a working kitchen.

The obvious first place to start was with the sink counter so we could get some running water back on the main floor. Just tell that to the friendly folks at Lowes and they’ll mix it right up. I love that you can get ANY color in small $2.50 samples at remodelkitchen remodel

We cut down the peninsula so that it’s counter height and at one level which is a huge improvement, the counter is now one level surface. L didn’t want a white island as I know from experience the island gets pretty beat up from the children sitting at the counters and just general wear and tear for being in the center of the remodel

The microwave worked, but it was a monster and attached as one piece to the stove. So needless to say we had an incredible heat sink that kept floor unbearable, the kitchen cold, and the whole main floor cool. Our house is 16 years old and it looks it. We have had to replace two of the appliances (got the stainless steel ones) just the stove and microwave left (in white and black).