I did some negotiating with various contractors and got the price down. We himed and hawed about what tile to use and decided to go with 18in square. I don’t think he really thought he needed it at first. That was alright because at this point I needed to start getting the woodshop ready for cabinet construction.kitchen remodel cost

Based on our general contractor’s initial bid, we thought we could do everything we wanted for $70,000. Cope and stick for all the drawers and doors with 1/4in ply panels and carcasses are all 5/8 or 3/4 A/B plywood. Since then we’ve been looking closely at everything, trying to see where we can cut costs.

Your kitchen post has me thinking about my old kitchen in Nashville. Back in November, our neighbor who does kitchens helped us order cabinets from Ikea and he was going to put them together for us. It was really Formica as I found out when the installers came and removed it. And there was another surprise.kitchen remodel costkitchen remodel cost

Feel free to surf to my blog post.. Biomedical Companies. Once I started tearing into the walls and floor it became painfully obvious what the problems were. Janet, just popping in to say (along with many others) – I never tire of the kitchen pics. I knew I wanted the island to be painted red, and look more like a piece of furniture than an island.

I’m in love with every single detail – what an over the top amazing makeover ! The homeowner did a stunning job, and it brought back a lot of memories of the kitchen redo we did in our first home in the Heights – one I too did without a designer. Everything cost more than I expected, but I’m a bargain hunter and I’ll ask if a discount is available.