You can find this information on their website: Cost Vs. Value. Then we started with the total tear out of our old kitchen. It seems like I’m glazing over A LOT of work here but it was all really repetitive; rip, joint, cut, join, glue, clamp and sand… So I guess at this point we see some before and after pics.

It’ll do for now, but it will be very nice to have a real kitchen again. It was the pattern we liked most and decided it was a big enough room that the larger tiles would look good. Besides providing good information about how a house is built, it was one of the only books we found that gave pricing guidelines for a home renovation in remodel costkitchen remodel cost

I designed and custom fit everything to fit our needs and to use the space most efficiently. Someday if we ever get around to doing a major remodel to our kitchen, it would look very similar to yours. This post has a link to where my stools were purchased. For many reasons, time, budget, kids, work, and of course, remodel cost

The rugs are from Ballard design, they don’t sell this style anymore (probably because its a mess all over my floor) but here is a similar, less messy version. I would keep my beer in bottom cupboard in there so it wouldn’t take up space in the fridge and all winter long it kept cold enough to drink.

At all times we had a work crew of 3 or 4. That seemed just about right. Because the end of the kitchen by the pantry and the back door was freezing cold all winter I knew I needed to do a little something extra for insulation on the floor. I love the look of it and previously I had butcher block or what I thought was butcher block.