I also shopped to make sure I was getting the quality they promised even though the price was low. Stephanie has been with Imperial Kitchens and Baths for over ten years. I apologize up front for those that are sick and tired of seeing this kitchen but i’ve been getting lots of emails asking for details so i kinda need to do this.

It looks so much more than what they spent- even a light freshing up would cost twice as much here in NY suburbs by the kitchen designers/contractors. So we looked into using reclaimed wood on the counters. I knew we had to replace the drywall along the outside wall.

Floors are done, appliances are in. I have a working kitchen. They also offer iPhone functionality in order to come up with an easy use of parking enforcement along with security guards as well as authorized personnel. I never thought I would say this, but in some ways, life without a fully functioning kitchen is easier.kitchen remodel cost

Hopefully we’ll learn some lessons that will stay with us even when we reclaim our remodeled kitchen. In┬át his post I shared where I had purchased my faucet and pendant lights. Not to mention working in a high rise is more expensive than working in a home. These two items (electrical and dry walling) accounted for over half of our general contractor’s charges!kitchen remodel costkitchen remodel cost

And the guy even told us that unless one of us was a stay-at-home parent, we would be crazy to try to do the whole project without a general contractor. Oh one more thing, do you have a list of your favorite cleaning and food products you shop for at Trador Joes anywhere on one of your posts?.. I’m searching and only find them randomly- which I a writing down.