Heilong wants to kill Dong’en, but finds himself trapped at the lake of crocodiles. Heilong hurriedly coerces Dong’en to flee with him, and Tianpeng follows. When Guangda and Xiuxiang appear on the ship, Huiniang deduces that they had poisoned Zhenniang. Most importantly, we no longer need to carry many coins to take buses.home improvement cast

The guy with the blindfold probably became roadkill three years after that picture was taken. He also tries to match make Huiniang and Tianying. Bai Mingzhu, the daughter of a bankrupt landlord, was arranged to marry Zhang Guangda as his second wife. Tianpeng is grateful when Hong Shi and Yazi fork out all they have to bribe the sailors into letting Tianying remain.

Christina Moore as April (seasons 1 & 3), Vanessa’s air-headed and immature younger sister. Now, the stored value fare card is replaced by the ez-link card which is also a cash card. Rose discovers she has feelings for Harry, while the families are torn when they find out Harry might not be Billy and Anastasia’s real sperm dad.

Huiniang suspects Xiuxiang and Jinhua of causing the food to turn sour. Yazi is almost raped in her bid to find Hong Shi. To everyone’s surprise Harry turns down dates with several women, only to agree to one that costs him a chance with Rose. In the night, Huiniang manages to escape from the Zhang family with Mingzhu’s help.

Tianpeng suspects that Tianying has contracted typhoid fever and is aware that Nanyang immigrants possess an effective medication for this disease. Huiniang urges Tianpeng to help Dong’en and to take Mingzhu away. Tianpeng tried to vain to stop Mingzhu from marrying Guangda.