This blog is intended to provide a discussion forum on topics surrounding pregnancy, labor, birth, breastfeeding and family health. I ended up having my daughter at 1am the next day via emergency c-section. The nurses couldn’t figure out why my blood pressure went down and decided not to give me the blood pressure medication. A labour is called precipitate when the combined duration of the first and second stage is less than two hours.

Les symptômes peuvent se reproduire pendant des jours, des semaines, voire des mois. Précision sans pathos, Elsa Bosc (la manager) et Yaël Elhadad en sont les. But the most vital needs are tincture of time, support, sleep, rest, food & fluids, loads of patience and faith.

With my 2nd I totally believed it would be different because as it turned out #1 was face up. Well #2 was face down & almost identical in experience. For example, the muscles of the extremities are cylindrical, and the flat back. To relax the ring followed by delivery of the baby or to cut the ring during C.S.contractions

In primigravida mothers, the cervix may be fully effaced, feeling like a paper although not dilated enough to admit a finger tip. I fully expect to have another 8-10 weeks filled with these episodes until I finally deliver. It is suggested that there is possibly a causal relationship between the lack of placental relaxin and the pathological behaviour of the cervix during delivery.contractions

This appreciation, together with the signal of pain that will cause the patient the palpation of that point, reveal the presence of a muscle contraction. Contracted pelvis, malpresentation and deflexed head. One of the things about prodromal labor is that it can be very illusive in its pattern.