After Zhenniang’s death, the elated Xiuxiang took the opportunity to control the Zhang household and soon created a fracas, causing Old Madam Zhang to fall gravely ill. Much to Tianpeng’s astonishment, the rich merchant, Zhang Guangda, is his sworn enemy. Hong Shi, who has survived his ordeal, sees them together.

At the inn, Dong’en sees Zhong trying to sneak away. Now that we have the Tefal Electric Steamer , it was very convenient for me to double boil bird’s nest. Maybe some people loved to eat bird’s nest this way. Chun’an sends someone back to the mining area to get help.

Xiuxiang uses the opportunity to suggest that Mingzhu cursed Guangping to death. His idle and frivolous ways made him highly unsuitable to run the family business. In gratitude, Tianpeng swears an oath of brotherhood to Shitou. Old Mrs Zhang and Zhenniang prepare to head home, as Dong’en’s marriage has been taken care of. At the farewell banquet, Dongsheng carries out Guangda’s plan.home improvement cast

Janet discovers Jonathan has been seeing another therapist behind her back, Dr. Meinertzhagen (guest star Tom Green). When Tianpeng and Tianying set up their business of selling medicine on the streets, a gang of triad members came looking for trouble. Zhenniang falls ill while on board the ship and her condition deteriorates rapidly.home improvement cast

Both Last Man Standing and Malibu Country aired as a part of ABC’s Friday night lineup for the 2012-2013 primetime television season.25 On November 8, 2012, Abbott re-joined the Last Man Standing crew full-time, after a stint in rehab, and gave Nastaran Dibai full showrunning duties of Malibu Country.26.home improvement cast