Kristin tends to work extra hard in this new job to prove she did not get the position through nepotism, despite Mike and Ed frequently telling her she was qualified. They destroy Tianpeng’s goods, and he urges Tianying to flee. Amanda Fuller (seasons 2-6) and Alexandra Krosney (season 1) as Kristin Beth Baxter, the oldest daughter.

Cuiying and Cuirong manage to escape, but Yazi is taken into the room by Guangda. Passengers just need to slot the card into the ticket machine, press the correct bus fare amount and a bus ticket would come out. After succeeding in doing so, Tianpeng falls in love with Mingzhu, but she was already espoused to someone else.

Hong Shi and the others suspect Heilong lied to win her over. Mike often finds himself annoyed with Outdoor Man’s young slow-witted employee Kyle, and with Ryan, his politically liberal son-in-law and the father of Mike’s grandson Boyd. Tianpeng leaves and unfortunately, meets Guangda again on board the ship.

After which, Heilong kills Ah Song and confesses to Shitou that he likes Yazi, and suggests that if only Shitou dies, the helpless Yazi can rely on Heilong for her living. Huiniang has a nightmare about Dongen vomiting a pool of blood, telling her he is leaving.

Xiuxiang hopes to use the opportunity to chase Mingzhu out. Jonathan Taylor Thomas as John Baker (seasons 2-3), Kristin’s boss at a fancy restaurant where she works. However, Guangda does not believe her and agitates Mingzhu which leads to a miscarriage. Leaving his hometown at the age of 17, Hong Shi got a job at the tin mine through the help of his uncle and led a thrifty life, so as to marry and to bring his childhood sweetheart Lin Yazi (Jeannette Aw) to Nanyang.