In turn, she rants at him for going against Guangping’s wishes and reveals she knows Guangping was strangled by Heilong over the opium issue. Harry can’t believe that Rose is actively dating while pregnant, and he tries to uncover the true motives of her new, super-hot boyfriend.

As a result, Tianpeng and Tianying go their separate ways. Tianying is jobless, and decides to set up a business with Huiniang and Tianpeng. Huiniang discovers that Mingzhu has been abused by Guangda and threatens to file a lawsuit against him. Xiuxiang finds out about what Mingzhu has been doing for Tianpeng.home improvement cast

Born and bred in Nanyang, Zhang Dong-en grew up under the strict teachings of his father after his mother died young. Taking place in the 1920s, Shitou and his newly wedded wife, Yazi, boards a ship that is travelling from Tangshan to Nanyang. Guangda brings Mingzhu home and Xiu Xiang creates a huge commotion again.home improvement cast

The staff advised me to soak the bird’s nest for 1 hour, remove the water that was used to soak the bird’s nest and double boil for 45 minutes. However, the mastermind behind this kidnap is Guangda and his real plan was to keep the ransom and kill Dongen. Zhenniang, Xiu Xiang’s sister-in-law, dissuades her from doing so. Xiu Xiang laments that they are unable to bear children for the Zhang family because the Zhang family has committed countless of sins.

If I could say just one thing about Mickey Jones at the end of the day, he’s just truly an ambassador for the entertainment business. I used to think how nice it could be if we could use the bus card even as adults so that we do not need to bring so many coins.home improvement cast