For the first season he was the cute little kid but then as he got older it became apparent that he could not act for shit. We no longer have to worry about paying less than the correct amount of bus fare and get penalised by the bus ticket inspector. Xiuxiang tried to stop Zhenniang from hitting the children, but Old Mrs Zhang supported the punishment and even expressed regret that she did not take Guangda in hand.

For helping Tianpeng, Mingzhu was violated by Zhang turns out,Mingzhu was abducted by brigands and her father had actually hired Tianpeng to rescue her. Heilong promises Yazi that he will release Hong Shi, but claims Tianpeng has been handed to the police. Ed is also a recurring target for jokes about his age, most often from Mike.home improvement casthome improvement cast

In 1959, Jones left Lopez’s band to pursue a degree in Business Administration at North Texas State College (now The University of North Texas). Shitou suspects that Tianying has contracted typhoid fever. Dongen says that the map that he gave to Guangda is a counterfeit, Guangda gets mad and locks Dongen up, forcing him to reveal the location of the rice granary.

Huiniang takes Tianying to the shop and discovers he has the potential to be Chen Kuang’s apprentice. Huiniang admitted her mistake and was spared punishment. Mingzhu asks Zhenniang to help Tianpeng and so he is sent to the hospital. Wendi deserts Ed offscreen between Seasons 4 and 5, but the two patch things up and reunite.home improvement cast

Meanwhile Billy and Zoey’s nighttime fears are realized when they discover their home has been broken into. She splashes kerosene oil onto Guangda and threatens to burn the whole family alive. Zhang Guangda is the second son of the Zhang family. Rose strikes up a friendship with Irene, who Harry fears will tell Rose all of Harry’s dirty secrets.