Kyle idolizes Mike, having grown up without a father figure. Intelligent and beautiful, the little Nonya was brought up by Huang Zhenniang (Carole Lin) who took great care of her even after marrying into the Zhang family. Jay Leno as Joe Leonard (seasons 5-6), a semi-retired auto technician from whom Vanessa buys a classic car for Mike.home improvement casthome improvement casthome improvement cast

Stephanie Anne Mills as Zoey, one of Billy’s mothers. Mingzhu does not look forward to meeting Guangda’s first wife. I’ll endeavor to take some of TucsonĀ that show that effect sometime. After the breakup of The First Edition in 1976, Jones pursued a full-time career in acting.

We no longer have to remember the correct bus fare to various places. Incensed, Guangda beats Xiuxiang up. When Mingzhu tries to help, Xiuxiang stabs at her. Zhang Guangping is the eldest son in the Zhang family. He has no idea Guangda wants Heilong to get rid of him.

Huiniang takes Tianying to the shop and discovers he has the potential to be Chen Kuang’s apprentice. Huiniang admitted her mistake and was spared punishment. Mingzhu asks Zhenniang to help Tianpeng and so he is sent to the hospital. Wendi deserts Ed offscreen between Seasons 4 and 5, but the two patch things up and reunite.

Mingzhu also instructs Ah Yin to send some money over to the hospital for Tianpeng. Guangda promises to help Heilong, but makes plans to get rid of him. Guangda beats Dong’en and Mingzhu up. When Tianpeng arrives, Dong’en urges him to take Mingzhu to the hospital.