As Zhenniang is on the ship, the poison takes effect on her and she passes on. When Mother Zhang receives the grievous news, she suffers a stroke and became paralysed. Later that same season, she begins an online clothing business, selling her self-designed fashions which she assembles in the basement of her parents’ house.home improvement casthome improvement cast

However, Tianpeng is on guard against Heilong and manages to escape this death ordeal. Huiniang takes Mingzhu to a hotel and is flabbergasted to see the wounds on her body. Heilong takes her hostage and injures her before running away. Heilong instructs Ah Song to stage a robbery at the mine and let Shitou take the rap.

Rose tries to put Harry’s ‘single dad powers’ to good use, while Michelle, Zoey, Janet and Jonathon confront their bedroom fantasies. Carla Jimenez as Blanca (seasons 2-4), the Baxters’ housekeeper who also helps Mandy with her fashion business. Meanwhile Jonathan and Janet fear their daughter Anastasia may be failing French, and administer an I.Q. test to Harry, fearing she got the ‘dumb gene’ from him.

He meets Hong Shi, who warns that he is being monitored. Fortunately Harry thrived in high school, and is ready to help out. Afraid, Guangda promises never to hit Mingzhu again. Meanwhile Zoey and Michelle rejoice after finding a babysitter (Leah Feidh Fassett) Harry can’t hit on – because she’s a lesbian.home improvement cast

Ah She deliberately tells Shitou that Yazi sacrificed herself for him as she allowed Heilong to bathe for her. The master of the Zhang family made a fortune by engaging in swine trading, and Dong’en and Huiniang are not his biological children. Harry and Rose square off about the future of Rose’s potential child.