I think Home Improvement director didn’t want to change out actors but gave up putting the kid through acting classes so change him to a emo character. Xiuxiang deliberately breaks the news to Old Mrs Zhang, who suffers a stroke. Some of theses guys are pretty greasy, so I would be prepared to get dirty.home improvement cast

Guangda is incensed that Zhenniang had ordered the poppy fields and opium factory to be razed. Their staff usually tell us to cook 1 to 2 piece of bird’s nest for 1 person’s consumption. Zhenniang hires a photographer to take pictures, as Old Mrs Zhang will soon be 60. She tries to pacify Xiuxiang, who is upset that Guangda married again without her knowledge.

Mike is a father of three daughters and the director of marketing for the Outdoor Man chain of sporting goods stores. Robert Forster as Bud Baxter (seasons 1, 3-4), Mike’s widower father who is initially in the construction business, but later opens a marijuana store after it becomes legal in Colorado.

As a result, Tianpeng and Tianying go their separate ways. Tianying is jobless, and decides to set up a business with Huiniang and Tianpeng. Huiniang discovers that Mingzhu has been abused by Guangda and threatens to file a lawsuit against him. Xiuxiang finds out about what Mingzhu has been doing for Tianpeng.home improvement cast

To protect Mingzhu, Zhenniang warns the servants and Xiuxiang not to spread rumours about Mingzhu’s relationship with Tianpeng. Dongen has been poisoned but he chooses to keep it from Huiniang, he lies to her that he wants to go back to his hometown to get married.home improvement cast