I started getting rid of it a piece at a time, since no person picks up our trash. Because I wasn’t concerned about the doors, they would be replaced anyway, I got a sturdy cabinet that fit the size needed. I thought I’d share a couple of photos of the progress we’ve made with the beadboard planks in our master bedroom.

Plus, they also have a highly qualified management team equipped with a lifetime experience when it comes to parking management, IT software and business management. I love your window in your kitchen…I would have done the same thing! When we moved it there was a big hole in the floor where it had been leaking.

So needless to say we had an incredible heat sink that kept floor unbearable, the kitchen cold, and the whole main floor cool. I know that the costs for these types of projects usually go beyond the initial budget. We started with the flooring in this kitchen b/c i wanted the cabinets to sit on top of the flooring instead of the flooring butting up to them.

It’s still winter here, but when spring finally breaks (it’s got to be above 50 degrees), I’m going to take that door and divide it in half using a piece of painters tape. I had to be very careful screwing it down because the screws easily popped through, even easier that drywall.kitchen remodel costkitchen remodel cost

This is my first time to ever comment on a blog but felt compelled because your sense of style living in a small space. This kitchen doesn’t get much lighting, so this was the stage to fix that. Some of the tile on the electric burner had cracked (my fault for letting it get red hot while I was writing).kitchen remodel cost