The house becomes a place to take shelter even as one of the profitable investments. To build a house, it takes a lot of capital. No wonder so many people choose to pay installments to build their homes when capital is limited. One part of the house that is very important is the roof. The roof is the very top of a house whose main task is to protect residents of the house from rain, the sun’s heat or foreign objects. The roof of the house also serves to inhibit the movement of wind which usually also carries dust. For the best roofing contractor services, you can call Oshkosh roofing.

The Roof of the House Based on Its Shape

There are several types of roofs that are known to society today. of each type of roof certainly has advantages and disadvantages of each. If based on its shape, you can refer to the roof of the house as follows:

Gable Roof

This triangular roof, known as a gable, is the easiest to find. The roof of this model is able to make the flow of rainwater in the roof area can easily fall to the ground. Saddle roofs avoid standing water and help air circulation run well so the temperature in the house will be cooler.

Roof Shield

The shield roof is similar to the gable but more horizontal. The shield roof has four slanted prism-shaped sides. The shield roof is judged to be sturdy than the gable so it can withstand strong winds or when it rains heavily. The shield roof also has an empty space that functions as an attic, unfortunately, the cost to make this roof is much more expensive than a gable.

Gambrel roof

The gambrel roof is very popular in colonial times with the shape of the beam. This roof also has an empty space such as a shield roof and the roof construction are much simpler than other types of roofs.

Type of roof based on the material

The type of roof can also be divided based on the material used, namely as follows:

Clay Roof

This roof is most commonly used by Indonesian people and is made of clay. The advantage of this roof has a reasonable price [affordable and strong. Very hot or cold weather this roof remains strong protecting you and your family.

Concrete Roof

The concrete roof is very popular with the people of the capital because of its elegant and minimalist style. Concrete roofs also have high weathering resistance. It weighs heavier than a clay roof but is fire resistant.

Metal roof

Next, there is a metal roof made of iron, copper, zinc, and aluminum. This type of roof is often found in school buildings and workshops. Its weight is very light but anti-broken and anti-rust, unfortunately, the price is quite expensive.

Ceramic roof

The ceramic roof is actually made of clay-coated with Glatzer coloring. Ceramic roofing can impress luxury and minimal maintenance because it is environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, the ceramic roof is easily broken so the installation must also be right.

Tin Roof

Zinc roofs are made from materials that are much lighter than ceramics. Unfortunately, this roof is easily corroded and damaged. The advantage is that the price is cheap and easy to find in the market.

Asbestos roof

The asbestos roof is also known as a cheap roof like zinc. According to research asbestos roof is not recommended for use because it can trigger cancer.

After knowing the type of roof above, of course, you can determine which roof is most suitable for your home needs.