Hakka immigrant, Shitou, sails to Nanyang to work as a tin miner and lives a thrifty life. Knowing Guangda isn’t a good soul, Tianpeng urges Mingzhu not to marry him. Hence, Shitou brings Tianpeng to look for a rich merchant on board who has the cure. Tianpeng and Shitou join hands to make a living while Yazi became a dulang woman”, panning tin for a pittance.

Heilong wants to kill Dong’en, but finds himself trapped at the lake of crocodiles. Heilong hurriedly coerces Dong’en to flee with him, and Tianpeng follows. When Guangda and Xiuxiang appear on the ship, Huiniang deduces that they had poisoned Zhenniang. Most importantly, we no longer need to carry many coins to take buses.

Zhenniang tells Mingzhu that as long as her conscience is clear, she need not feel upset. Guangda and his wife takes over the household and forces Dongen to surrender information of the rice granary to him. Just then, Zhenniang turns up to tell Huang Zong how Heilong had killed Guangping.home improvement cast

Tianpeng even agrees to look for new mines with Dong’en, Fangpi, Chun’an and Wanglai. Tianpeng finds out the croupiers cheat, and the miners to lose all their money and go into debt. Guangda refuses to give Tianpeng the medicine to save Tianying. Shitou advises Tianpeng not to interfere with this matter lest he offends the gambling den owners.home improvement casthome improvement cast

It’s fashion week, and Harry’s scheduled once-a-year hookup with a hot fashion model will be the exact afternoon as Rose’s ultrasound, a milestone that Harry doesn’t want to miss. Meanwhile Jonathan offers Harry $5000 to disappear from his daughter’s life. Heilong locks Hong Shi up and forces him to drink opium water.