Guangda heard the rumours and suspected Mingzhu had been violated. When she goes into the room, Guangda tries to force himself on her. Amanda Brugel as Michelle, one of Billy’s mothers. Heilong refuses to pay Hong Shi and even goads him into a fight. Dong’en and Huiniang hope to trick Charlie into calling off the wedding.

Also on board, are two penniless brothers, Zhang Tianpeng and Zhang Tianying, who seek to make a fortune in Nanyang. With Xiuxiang repeating that Mingzhu is a jinx, she worries about Dong’en’s safety. Michelle and Harry realize that they dated the same woman years ago.

Last week, we saw that there was a stall at Causeway Point mall selling freshly double boiled bird’s nest. Meanwhile, Michelle and Zoey realize that Billy is old enough for The Talk,” but can’t agree on how to go about it. Janet and Jonathan leave their home empty, and Harry takes advantage of their absence.

Laura De Carteret as Janet, Anastasia’s mother and a child therapist. William Ainscough as Billy Jones-Krasnoff, Harry’s 9-year-old son. Huiniang’s father, Guangping, often tells Uncle Wang to let the poor delay payment for their treatment. Zhu Fangpi saves Dongen and Zhenniang feels utterly disappointed in Guangda.home improvement cast

Huiniang is sad she has to part with Dong’en again. Coincidentally, they also used the Tefal Electric steamer to double boil their bird’s nest. Upon Guangda’s request, Heilong approaches Cuiying and invites her to spend the night with Guangda. In the process, Tianying injures himself and Huiniang brings him to a western medical hall.