With our floor tile in, it was time to focus on the daunting task of doing up the shower walls. Some need a comfort height toilet and grab bars Others want a whole retrofit with a walk-in shower or walk-in bathtub Wall-hung vanities are nice too for ease of access. If you decide on a circular bowl shape you can partially sink the bowl into the countertop…this allows for fine tuning the overall height and also gives a different look too.

For take-two of cement board installation, we got smart and Googled once again. There are other important considerations to make on a vessel sink installation…and they all are somewhat dependant on the other. Each coat with the roller seemed a little thin, so we ended up doing about six coats total to get the recommended thickness.

That is how Bathroom Remodel – Bling on a Shoestring” was born! Expect your bathroom to start at about $15,000.”) For a more definite estimate, have them out to your home. I will cover other important decisions on vessel sinks in the next blog posts. However if you would like to save a big chunk of money and if the vanity you currently have is something you really like you can modify it to work with a vessel sink.

Next we got all the carpet and old tile removed and installed 16×16 travertine throughout the entire area. This pre matching will prevent surprises” when you start to set the tiles. On His vanity side we built the lights into the molding. Coming over from Courtneys French Country Cottage..we JUST finished a kitchen remodel and are starting master bath now..you have so many great details in this space.

You want to strategically place tiles for color as well as matching up surrounding tiles for thickness…every slate tile varies in color and thickness…most might be fairly close in thickness but there will be some tiles that will be the extremes (thicker or thinner) Therefore you need to either match them up naturally OR chip away at top or bottom to make them match.